Tommes typically hail from France or Switzerland, are made from skim milk and are a natural match with pickles, olives and other Francophile accompaniments. But what should you do when you meet a Minnesota-made tomme crafted from rich whole milk? Pair it with Israeli-style pickles, of course.

Perhaps that’s not an obvious duo, but a buttery tomme – in this case, the Lone Grazer Creamery’s Northeazy – can stand up well to the tangy, vinegary, tumeric-tinted pickles from the must-have cookbook “Zahav.” Call it a bridge between two cultures (pun very much intended) or just the result of a random scavenging of the refrigerator one day, but I call it delicious.


I typically don’t try to post about two of particular creamy’s cheeses in a row, but having been gifted almost an entire wheel of Northeazy after a work event, it would have been a pity to pass on such an opportunity. Unlike Hansom Cab, Northeazy isn’t washed in whiskey or other libations, which allows more leeway in pairing options. The crusty exterior encases a spongy delight of thick, yellowish, slightly sweet paste. It won’t break down and ooze, of course – that would be very un-tomme like – but when the paste bulges under a love squeeze, you’ll know it’s ripe for snacking.

Now for these pickles. Well, there’s not a speck of dill in sight. Instead, you get a crisp, sharp bite, and the mixture of carrots, celery and cauliflower offer a variety of bites ranging from sweet to woodsy to super-crunch. Though they could be the star of any mezze tray, make them the centerpiece of your cheese board for a change, along with fluffy wedges of homemade pita (no flat, sad store-bought discs allowed!) and a bowl of Zahav’s life-changing hummus. Middle East + Midwest = cheese and pickle paradise.

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Have you had your fill of adorable baby goat pics on Instagram yet? Okay, that may not be possible … but the even better news is that all that kidding around has led us to this moment: the beginning of fresh chèvre season! I had to give up my daily chèvre toast for Passover — but made do with honey, blueberry and chèvre topped matzo meal pancakes. Thankfully we’re back in all-carbs all-the-time season again and ready to mix things up with some springy goat cheese topped crostini.

whipped goat cheese spring crostini recipe |

I whipped lemon zest and mint into fresh chèvre, added a touch of butter to make it unbelievably creamy, and spread it on toasted baguette slices before adding all the spring things: radish, peas, strawberries, micro greens. Ramps and asparagus would also be quite welcome. Oh, and did I mention those strawberries were steeped in lemon verbena syrup?

lemon mint whipped chèvre |

Serve these for your next brunch (oh hey, did we mention Mother’s Day is this weekend?) or pack up the baguette and toppings for a build-your-own crostini picnic. Obviously, these pair best with a bottle of rosé enjoyed al fresco.

Lemon Mint Whipped Chèvre

makes enough for 1 dozen crostini


  • 6 ounces fresh goat cheese
  • 1 tablespoon cultured butter, softened
  • zest of 1 small lemon
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • several fresh mint leaves
  • sea salt


Place goat cheese and butter in food processor and mix until smooth. Add lemon zest, juice, mint and a pinch of sea salt and pulse until mint and zest is well incorporated. Remove from processor and store, covered, in refrigerator if not using right away.

chèvre with radish, peas and strawberries |

The crostini combinations are virtually endless, but here are a few topping ideas to get you started: thinly sliced radish, sliced snap peas, mashed English peas, shaved asparagus, pickled ramps (you could also replace the mint with ramps to spice this up), sautéed mushrooms, green garlic, strawberries, raspberries…. I suppose it would be easier to have said just go to the farmers market and pick up whatever looks good.

Tell us, how do you top your chèvre toast?


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