Does Cheese Make Matzah Taste Better?

by mncheese on April 14, 2009

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After noting the injustice of National Grilled Cheese Month overlapping with Passover, Colleen challenged me last week to make a matzah version of a grilled-cheese sandwich. I have made many matzah pizzas over the years, but I don’t believe matzah grilled cheese ever graced my plate before. Up to the task, I came home from a Heavy Table interview last night and decided to give it a shot.

A poor substitute for the real thing

A poor substitute for the real thing

I broke a piece of matzah in half and inserted a slice of Tillamook medium aged cheddar (available at Costco in resealable bags and a fantastic substitute for American cheese singles) and got the sandwich going in my toaster oven. Just a few minutes later, the matzah became brown and the cheese was bubbling. The first taste consisted mostly of plain matzah and was blah as expected, but the second yielded a cheesy bite.

But was it any good? Not really. The cheese was delicious, but the slightly charred matzah did nothing to enhance its flavor, and you really can’t compare bland matzah to the soft and tasty cushion that a piece of quality bread can provide. Luckily, Passover ends on Thursday night, so I can enjoy the rest of National Grilled Cheese Month as it’s meant to be – with the best bread I can find.


ldfs April 15, 2009 at 11:06 am

Yes, and rather than sticking to the cheese, the matzah pieces always curl up and away from each other (as is visible in your photo).

mncheese April 15, 2009 at 11:11 am

I know – it’s annoying. That’s how you get the non-cheesy bites. Luckily, we have fewer than 48 hours to go!

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