Rimrocker, Tumalo Farms, Oregon

by dccheese on December 8, 2011

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This week’s new cheese review is brought to you by my five-year-old son. We made a Sunday stop in Arrowine to procure some cheeses and sparkling wine for an afternoon playdate and I didn’t really have a theme in mind. I spotted an Oregon sparkling wine, recalled a sliver of Rogue River Blue still in my cheese drawer and decided to make it an all-Oregon spread. Back at the cheese counter we came across Rimrocker from Tumalo Farms, and my son was amused by the name. Samples were procured and we agreed on bringing a wedge home. His precise words were, “Rimrocker, I LOVE Rimrocker!” I’d leave it at that, but perhaps you’d like a few more details.

tumalo farms rimrocker

Tumalo Farms makes a dozen cheeses, primarily farmstead goats-milk cheeses like their better known Classico and Pondhopper. I so frequently see Pondhopper on menus that I was surprised to learn how small their farming operation in Central Oregon is — located on 84 acres outside Bend. They raise French Alpine and Swiss Saanen goats who feel at home in the Oregon mountains. As someone from Tumalo explained to me at the Fancy Food Show, they are working to expand their herd “the old-fashioned way,” which can’t be rushed. For Rimrocker, their own goat milk is blended with a neighboring farm’s organic cows milk, then cave-aged for three to six months. The resulting rich, semi-hard cheese has a warm, sweet grass flavor and nutty caramelization. (Just look at those white flecks in the paste … yum.) It worked with sparkling wine, but would also be well suited for a deeper red wine or hoppy beer.

two thumbs up from the foodie tot

Tune in tomorrow for that sparkling wine and the rest of the cheese board.

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