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by dccheese on January 13, 2012

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Yesterday I joked on Twitter that I’d be serving neutral Swiss cheeses for this weekend’s football play-off games. I’ve tried not to gloat about my home state team’s victory in the Rose Bowl, but this Sunday, Jill’s Green Bay Packers take on my husband’s New York Giants. It’s the first time I’ve been glad Jill moved out of state.

But rather than driving the wedge further, perhaps we can find some common ground: Jill has family from Jersey, and we drive through Jersey every time we go back to New York. Okay, maybe I’m reaching a little. Regardless, I received this cheese at Thanksgiving and have yet to share it, so here we go.

My sister-in-law called me up a few days before Thanksgiving to say she was at a farmers market in the city (NYC) and there was cheese, and should she bring me some. I didn’t recognize the name but of course I said yes. And so I wound up snacking on this cave-aged delight while preparing our Thanksgiving dinner.

bobolink dairy autumn drumm nj

Bobolink Dairy (and Bakeshop) is a small family farmstead operation located in Milford, New Jersey. Their cows are 100% grass-fed and milked seasonally. (According to their website, their new Bobolink Black mixed-breed cows, a blend of modern dairy cows with Ireland’s Kerry cattle, will be milking soon.) The natural-rind, raw-milk drumm cheese we had was the autumn drumm; my sister-in-law had sampled the summer version as well. The cheese is semi-firm in spring and fall, but denser in the summer. The autumn drumm was creamy with a bright, grassy flavor.

I’d say Bobolink’s cheese definitely merits a detour off the Turnpike on a future trip north. It seems they also sell whey-fed pork. And the fresh scents of a dairy farm are far better than driving through Newark. (Sorry, Jersey, couldn’t resist.)

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