Mozzarella Company’s Grassias, Texas

by mncheese on February 2, 2012

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Finally, a cheese from Texas! Something that has eluded me and Colleen in the three years since we launched this blog. Thanks again to the magic of mail-order cheese, I was able to procure Grassias, a mixed-milk cheese from Dallas’ Mozzarella Company.

Before you accuse me of butchering the Spanish language and spelling the cheese’s name wrong, please note that it is correct. Inspired by its lemongrass wrapping, the name Grassias came from a Facebook contest. Gracias to the cheese lovers who suggested this creative moniker.

Paula Lambert, who founded the Mozzarella Company 30 years ago, ranks up with Mary Keehn, Allison Hooper and other cheese pioneers as one of the leaders of the American artisan cheese movement, and her Grassias, which combines goat and cow’s milk in 5-oz. button, showcases the ingeniousness and skill of a cheesemaker extraordinaire. Who else would have thought to add a simple belt of lemongrass to a milky fresh cheese to infuse it with a distinct lemon flavor? The tartness is most apparent in the outer edges of the cheese, of course, but the flavor seeps through the body of the cheese to add a subtle tang.

Unlike last week’s Laurier, Grassias doesn’t transform into a liquidy puddle at room temperature; it retains a solid, chalky texture while still spreading easily. This is a cheese for toast or crackers, not for spooning (unless, of course, you enjoy cuddling with cheese). Enjoy with a chardonnay or another crisp white wine.


Colleen February 2, 2012 at 9:18 am

Wait, we’ve never written about Hoja Santa? What an oversight! Paula was definitely one of the rock stars at Fancy Food. I see a Texas cheese weekend in our future…. (any readers there?)

Jill February 2, 2012 at 1:38 pm

I know I haven’t. I’ve never seen any Mozzarella Company cheeses here. If I only had been this into cheese when I lived in Dallas – which was 1980 to 1983. :)

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