Winnimere, vintage 2012

by mncheese on April 3, 2012

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After a two-week spring break of sorts (meaning we busy moms hadn’t had much time for blogging), we’re back with perennial favorite and seasonal smash Winnimere. Yes, we have written about Winnimere before, but this cheese is so special and eagerly anticipated each spring that it deserves an annual post. Colleen and I both got our hands on a Winni wedge last week and found that not only does it have the ability to soothe a sore throat, but it’s impossible to consume any less than your full portion in one sitting. Imagine that.

I never got any Winni love last year, so the 2012 vintage tasted even more amazing – absence does make the heart grow fonder, you know. It was perfectly ripe when I brought it home from France 44 (marveling at its peak form, cheesemonger Song said she was going to take some home for herself that night), and a couple hours on the counter made it an oozy, boozy delight. Each dip of the spoon drew out a luscious, liquidy bite that harkened visions of barbecue, bacon (or how I imagine bacon tastes, since I don’t eat it) and bonfires. My husband walked by as I was savoring each spoonful and remarked how stinky it is. That’s right, honey, go on thinking that. I’ll keep all the Winnimere in the house for myself – except that I ate it all at once and am once again Winni-less. The 2013 version can’t arrive soon enough.