Shepherd’s Way Farms’ Hidden Falls, Minnesota

by mncheese on July 9, 2012

in American-Midwest,Bubbly,Cheese!,Cow,Milk,Sheep

I thought I had tasted the full range of Shepherd’s Way Farms cheeses, so imagine my surprise last weekend when I went to Surdyk’s and found a new one (to me). Even more surprising was the fact that this unsampled cheese was a bloomy-rind, and you know how we feel about bloomies. And predictably, after one bite of Hidden Falls I was smitten, and my little wedge didn’t last for long.

Made from a blend of sheep’s milk and organic, grass-fed cow’s milk from Cedar Summit Farm (the same farm that provides the milk for our beloved Bent River), Hidden Falls boasts a bloomy’s ultra-creamy paste and thin, tangy rind, but it’s no butter bomb. Despite its rich, silken mouthfeel and mushroomy flavor, the cheese manages to be restrained, and that’s not a bad thing. As much as we love butter-bomb cheeses, the palate needs a variety of cheese experiences to stay fresh and eager for more. Some days that means a scoop of sinful triple-creaminess, and other days call for a subtler cheese plate. Hidden Falls more than meets the requirements of the latter.

My perfect pairing for this cheese had arrived in the mail a few days earlier – a sweet and crunchy almond and raisin biscuit from Daelia’s Biscuits for Cheese – a little swag from our Fancy Food Show experience. Serve with a flute of bubbly and you have a snack that’s suitable for every day but special enough for entertaining, too. Assuming, of course, that I haven’t returned to Surdyk’s and bought the rest of the Hidden Falls wheel.