Champagne Cheddar

by dccheese on December 28, 2012

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Thanks to the name of our blog, we tend to get a common question this time of year: what cheeses pair best with Champagne? It’s no secret that we love bloomy rinds with sparkling wines, but we can usually find a few other cheeses to suggest as well. Our friends at Whole Foods took another approach to answering this question this year — and put champagne in the cheese. Their new release is available now through Valentine’s Day for all your celebratory needs.

whole foods champagne cheddar

Champagne Cheddar is produced for Whole Foods in England. A traditional 10-month cheddar is mixed with champagne, pressed and aged a little longer. The result is a moist, creamy cheese that begins with the classic cheddar bite but ends with a yeasty, fruity twist. Enjoy it with fruit and, yes, more champagne.

champagne cheddar

Disclosure: Whole Foods PR sent a hefty wheel of this cheese and bottle of champagne for the purposes of this review; no other compensation was received and all opinions are our own.

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Alison December 28, 2012 at 9:06 am

Ummm…I’m available to help with tastings. Can’t promise to provide any other substantive assistance towards posts.

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