A Taste of British Columbia: St. George and Tiger Blue

by mncheese on July 19, 2013

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It would only be appropriate that during my two days in Vancouver I would sample some native British Columbia cheese. After all, there’s more to Canadian cheese than Québécois varieties, right?

The case at Les Amis du Fromage was full of cheeses from The Farm House, and it was hard to pick just one. Fortunately, I chose wisely by selecting the petite St. George, a goat’s-milk button featuring a gorgeous bloomy rind and a tangy paste. This farmstead cheese is made in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, where the goats can graze on lush pastures, and you can taste the quality of the milk with each bite.

Don’t confuse it with the American St. George, a Portuguese-inspired cow’s-milk cheese from California. This cheese is pure goaty goodness all the way. Though lacking the wrinkles of many Vermont Creamery favorites, St. George is a kindred spirit to these American goat beauties, with Coupole being its closest cousin since they both feature a firm center with oozy edges. But whereas Couple is all sunshine and light, St. George brings a little more funk to the palate. It’s a natural pairing for bubbly, of course – like I needed to tell you that.

Curdkid N1 would have been upset if I had neglected to bring home a blue, so the soft, succulent Tiger Blue made it across the border as well. Made east of Vancouver in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, this thickly veined cow’s-milk blue from Poplar Grove Cheese reminds of our beloved Roquefort. It’s fudgy, rich, salty and extremely pungent – just as a blue cheese should be. You’ll want to pair it with sweet treats to balance out the brine – fruit preserves, sugary biscuits and a glass of port would be perfect. Of course, I didn’t serve Tiger Blue with port to the curdkid – he was satisfied with light crackers and water.

My four Canadian cheeses whet my appetite for more. Fingers crossed that we’ll get to taste some more at the American Cheese Society Annual Conference in two weeks!

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