Bellwether Farms’ Carmody, California

by mncheese on January 10, 2014

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You know there’s no way I came back from California with only one cheese. After all, why stink up your carry-on bag with only one cheese when you can have two? So in addition to Terra, a hunk of Bellwether Farms’ Carmody made it back to Minnesota after its tour of four refrigerators (two at various relatives’ houses, two at hotels). Now that’s a well-traveled cheese.

I occasionally see Bellwether’s ricotta cheese at Surdyk’s, but Carmody is scarce in this neck of the woods. And while I was happy to snack on my wedge, I can’t say that I’ll pine for it once it’s gone. A pasteurized cow’s-milk cheese, Carmody was inspired by young Italian table cheeses – mild, creamy and semi-firm. For someone who likes a lot of zip in her cheeses, this one’s a little too mild for my palate. You’ll often find it described as buttery, but it’s no butter bomb like our favorite triple-creams. Instead, it reminds me of an aged mozzarella – milky and non-threatening.

Because of its mildness, Carmody would be a good starter cheese for those who are, or claim to be, curd-averse. Its sturdiness holds up well to travel, so it’s a good choice for a lunch box or in-flight cheese board. Pair with fruit, nuts and a glass of Chardonnay – assuming the lunch box is not for a curdkid, of course.

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Christine January 15, 2014 at 11:42 am

I often describe this as a “friendly” cheese, buttery but not creamy. I have no qualms about suggesting it because it is tasty and well made, but don’t usually pull it out for customers who are looking for a new cheese experience. Really nice with apples, especially one from a neighboring orchard in Sonoma County!

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