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by dccheese on January 20, 2014

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It’s not just Hollywood hosting glittering award events this season — in San Francisco this weekend, two notable events took place to recognize American cheesemakers and cheesemongers.

First, at the Good Food Awards last Thursday, fourteen deserving cheesemakers were singled out for gold medals:

Good Food Award winners 2014 |, from top left: Hannah, Carmody, Charloe, Tarentaise, Dancing Fern, Pleasant Ridge Reserve.)

Ancient Heritage Dairy, Hannah, Oregon
Bellwether Farms, Whole Milk Ricotta & Carmody, California
Blackberry Farm, Downer Brown, Tennessee
Canal Junction Farmstead Cheese, Charloe, Ohio
Caves of Faribault, St. Pete’s Select Blue Cheese & Jeff’s Select, Minnesota
Farms for City Kids Foundation, Tarentaise, Vermont
Glendale Shepherd, Island Brebis, Washington
Jacobs and Brichford Farmstead Cheese, Everton, Indiana
Nature’s Harmony Farm, Georgia Gold Clothbound Cheddar, Georgia
Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company, Toma, California
Sequatchie Cove Creamery, Dancing Fern, Tennessee
Sprout Creek Farm, Madeleine, New York
Uplands Cheese, Pleasant Ridge, Wisconsin
von Trapp Farmstead, Mt. Alice, Vermont

And last night, the Cheesemonger Invitational gave the West Coast a chance to play host as 35 mongers, nearly all from California, competed for the title of America’s Best Cheesemonger. And a big congrats to friend-of-the-blog, Perry Soulos of Arrowine and Cheese in Arlington, VA, for bringing home the win!

Perry Soulos, #CMI2014

(For those keeping track, that’s the second consecutive win for the South and the second consecutive time Arrowine mongers have made the final 3.) Congratulations also to Zach Berg of Bi-Rite Market (San Francisco, CA) for second place and Nate McElroy of Bedford Cheese Shop (NYC) for taking third.

We roused Soulos from his post-celebratory haze for a comment: “Winning last night was like the best drug you could ever imagine. It has given me a re-energized feeling on the subject I have worked on half my life. This win is for Arrowine, friends, family and the mid-Atlantic. Moo!” Moo back atcha, Perry.

The winning perfect bite, shown above, was a candied ginger-infused Fruity Pebble and goat cheese truffle with a grape center. Sounds like the perfect appetizer to get the party started on #NationalCheeseLoversDay, no?

On that note, please join us on Twitter &/or Facebook tonight for #CurdChat! See you there.

CMI photos (c)Perry Soulos/Arrowine.

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