Springtime in the Alps: Alp Blossom, Austria

by dccheese on March 30, 2018

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Speaking of spring blooms, how about a cheese that’s literally covered in flowers?

Alp Blossom alpine cheese | cheeseandchampagne.com

I once was told by a cheesemonger that a cheese was yellow because of the buttercups the cows feasted on; while a lovely story, that’s not exactly how that works — the rich yellow of certain cheeses’ paste is due to beta carotene from grass that winds up in the milk fat, regardless of how many yellow flowers may or may not have been consumed. But today’s cheese, Alp Blossom, does have that warm yellow hue from Brown Swiss cows that graze in Alpine meadows, and a bonus coating of flowers on the rind to kick up both its flavor and appearance.

The Austrian Sennerei Huban dairy, a co-op founded in 1901, begins with their more traditional alpine Hubaner cheese, and then adds a layer of edible dried flowers and herbs as it ages. Frankly, I don’t think it needed the adornment; one of the more memorable cheese pairings I’ve had was a Hubaner-topped bowl of caramel corn at Portland’s Cheese Bar. Still, take that creamy, caramelly cheese and add a boost of sweet floral aroma and herbaceous undertones and you produce a winner that’s sure to be the belle of your next cheese gathering.

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