Rollright with Neal’s Yard Dairy

by dccheese on April 18, 2018

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Last spring, at cheese club, we were treated to a visit from London’s revered Neal’s Yard Dairy. More than just a cheese shop, the NYD team seeks out, ages and exports some of England’s best cheeses. I think of them as the ambassadors of British deliciousness. And we’re not just talking about cheddar, either. On this visit, I got my first taste of the decadent washed-rind, Rollright, made by David Jowett of King Stone Farm in Oxfordshire. A relative newcomer, Jowett started King Stone Dairy just three years ago but is clearly already on a winning track with this beauty.

Rollright | Neal's Yard Dairy |


The farm uses the milk of its 30 cows exclusively to produce Rollright. This spruce bark-wrapped cheese is made in the style of the French Reblochon and Vacherin — you know we’re fans of the seasonal American bark-wrapped cheeses, Winnimere and Rush Creek — and this cheese has quickly earned a spot in our regular rotation as well. It’s rich in butterfat but savory; super creamy, fudgy, woodsy, with a distinct taste of peanut butter. Thank you, NYD, for introducing us to this stunner!



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