Bijou, Vermont Creamery Crown Jewel {& #WrinklesAreSexy Giveaway!}

December 9, 2014

Part II of our celebration of Vermont Creamery’s 30th Anniversary year — read more about our visit to the Creamery here, and continue below to learn about Bijou & our special holiday giveaway! You’ll recall we’ve highlighted Vermont Creamery’s wrinkly cheeses before: Coupole was featured here, and Bonne Bouche here. Bijou is the tiny crown jewel of the collection […]

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American Cheese Goodie Bag {Giveaway!}

November 20, 2014

Happy birthday to us! This month marks our 6th year of sharing our cheese discoveries with you, dear readers. To celebrate, Jill and I gathered our curd kids for a weekend retreat in Minneapolis (thankfully, pre-snow) and, well, ate cheese. Would you expect anything else? We thought we’d knock off a few missing letters from […]

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10 American Winners at the 2014 World Cheese Awards

November 16, 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the World Cheese Awards, which took place this weekend in London. Out of nearly 2,600 cheeses from 33 countries, American cheesemakers garnered 10 of 62 Super Golds: Bloomsdale, Baetje Farms, Missouri Truffle Tremor, Cypress Grove Chèvre, California Bismark, Grafton Village Cheese, Vermont Shepsog, Grafton Village Cheese, Vermont Bandage Wrapped Cheddar*, […]

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7 New American Cheeses for Your Holiday Cheeseboard

November 14, 2014

As we compiled our 26 cheeses for American Cheese Month, we wanted first to avoid duplication from last year’s 31 Essential American cheeses — it also turned into an opportunity to go through a year (or more’s) worth of photos to find the cheeses we hadn’t yet shared tasting notes for. And to realize just […]

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ABCs of American Artisan Cheese {#AmCheeseMonth 2014}

October 31, 2014

In celebration of the 4th annual American Cheese Month, we featured 26 fabulous American cheeses on our social media pages. Here’s the full A to Z of American artisan cheese, for your enjoyment. Ameribella | Jacobs & Brichford | Indiana Bloomsdale | Baetje Farms | Missouri Coupole | Vermont Creamery | Vermont Dorset | Consider […]

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Miranda and Ouleout, Vulto Creamery, New York

October 23, 2014

The cheeses of Vulto Creamery have been on our radar for a while now, but like so many good things, they weren’t readily available outside of New York. I had the pleasure of meeting cheesemaker Jos Vulto briefly over the summer, but his Miranda and Ouleout only recently made their debut on my cheeseboard. Coincidentally, […]

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Falling for Fall Cheese Fests

September 17, 2014

Aaahhh, fall at last. I have so many wonderful summer memories to share with you all, so many new cheeses that graced our cheeseboards and earned our adoration. Enough to fill a book, you might say. {wink} But first, there are some pretty exciting cheese festivals coming up this fall that we wanted to let […]

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Pacific Northwest Goats: Mountain Lodge Farm’s Glacier and Rivers Edge Chèvre’s Sunset Bay

August 19, 2014

Another trip to Seattle, another cheese-scouting expedition in the books. As always, a highlight of my annual visit to my parents were my excursions to local cheese shops Beecher’s Handmade Cheese and the Calf & Kid. And I don’t know if it’s a pregnancy thing or what, but I mostly had my eyes on goat […]

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Smoked Maple Blue Peaches

August 17, 2014

If there’s one food I might eat more often than cheese, if only they were available year-round, it would be peaches. Our local donut peaches, in particular, which I have to buy two baskets of at a time to stand a chance of getting any before my curd kids devour them. Of course, I often […]

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The Shock Heard ‘Round the Cheese World: Rush Creek Reserve no more?

August 15, 2014

There’s a saying in DC, that no good news comes on a Friday afternoon in August. With Congress in recess and journalists on vacation, it’s the best time to announce an unpopular rulemaking or action to less rapid scrutiny. If cheesemaker Andy Hatch of Uplands Cheese was hoping for such an effect, he understimated the […]

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